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e1 Marine to attend International Workboat Show

e1 Marine is excited to announce that it will be attending the International Workboat Show. The show, which brings together industry leaders to demonstrate the latest innovations in the workboat sector, will be held in New Orleans on 01 – 03 December.

Managing Director, Robert Schluter and Commercial Director, Maite Bolivar Klarup, will join Maritime Partners at stand 3017. The partners will be on the ground to meet fellow attendees and showcase e1 Marine’s methanol to hydrogen generator technology, with the M-Series M18 model displayed for the first time publicly.

The M18 hydrogen mobile generator system can provide direct, on-demand pure hydrogen (99.97%) for PEMFC power systems, while consuming 35% less energy than a traditional diesel generator, with zero particulates, zero NOX, and zero SOX emissions. The methanol to hydrogen generator is also up to 84% efficient, when combined with a PEM fuel cell, efficiencies between 42% to 50% are generated in comparison to an internal combustion engine.

As part of the conference, Robert will also participate in a panel discussion as part of the International Workboat Show’s ThinkThank program, alongside, Anthony Odak, Chief Operating Officer, John W. Stone Oil Distributor LLC, Matt French, General Manager, Transportation, ARTCO, Stergios Stamopoulos, Sustainability Manager, American Bureau of Shipping and Dhaval Mehta, Director, Business Development, North America, American Bureau of Shipping.

Titled, ‘Sustainability in the US Inland Waterway Market’, discussion will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that will be consequent of effectively decarbonizing the US workboat sector. You can watch Robert speak on the panel on 02 December, 12:00 – 13.10 (EDI) at the show.

With the US recently announcing a set of steps to accelerate investment across its ports, waterways and freight networks as part of a $1.2trn bipartisan infrastructure bill, and the majority of workboats currently non-compliant with emerging environmental global standards, the industry is set to undergo serious change. e1 Marine is proud to have pioneered a technology that will form part of the solution. Safe, environmentally superior and cost competitive, the technology, when combined with a PEM fuel cell, enables the effective, economical delivery of hydrogen onboard inland waterway vessels. The hydrogen generated from the technology can be used to either produce electricity or as a source of propulsion on the vessel.

As one-third of the hydrogen produced by the technology comes directly from water, the technology can reduce CO2 emissions by a minimum of 35% at a competitive price. Likewise, by eliminating NOx, SOx and PM emissions, the solution offers a sustainable and low-emissions replacement for traditional internal combustion engines in the workboat sector. If you would like to arrange to meet with the team at International Workboat Show to discuss e1 Marine’s methanol to hydrogen generator technology, please contact us at:


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