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Reduce EPA-regulated harmful emissions by 99%, produce up to 27% fewer GHG emissions - today

Towards Zero Cover Image Tug Boat

The maritime industry is working towards meeting 2030 and 2050 International Maritime Organization (IMO) emissions goals, as well as localized emissions rules to improve air quality, including those set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European Union (EU).

Proven clean technology solutions are part of this journey.

Available now, e1 Marine’s methanol to hydrogen generator technology makes it possible to convert methanol to fuel-cell grade hydrogen onboard a vessel; when combined with hydrogen fuel cells and battery packs, it can even be used for primary propulsion or auxiliary power.

Find out how our solutions can make a tangible impact on shipping’s decarbonization and nearly eradicate other harmful emissions when compared to traditional diesel engines.

Download our study, ‘Towards Zero’ co-authored with maritime innovation consultancy, Thetius to understand the potential impact of methanol to hydrogen generators on cleaner shipping operations here:

Thetius-e1 Marine - Comparing the greenhouse gas impact of methanol reformers and diesel e
Download • 6.98MB


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