Vancouver, 08 June 2021 – e1 Marine today announced the appointment of Stuart Crawford as its Managing Director. Crawford will execute e1 Marine’s vision to drive positive change in the international maritime markets through the use of hydrogen as a fuel.

Prior to his appointment as Managing Director of e1 Marine, Crawford was CEO of Clean Ocean LNG, Fleet Director of Seaspan Ship Management, and Head of Technical at Pioneer Marine. Crawford is a highly experienced merchant navy officer who served 20 years at sea and progressed to the rank of Chief Engineer. Crawford is a graduate of South Shields Marine School’s Marine and Mechanical Engineering program, and the Copenhagen Business School’s Blue MBA.

In order to achieve the International Maritime Organization’s 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets, as well as compliance with private sector initiatives such as Poseidon Principles and the Sea Cargo Charter, shipping needs proven, effective technologies such as e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen generator, which makes the low-to-no emissions a near-term reality, and a financially attractive choice to replace today’s diesel generators.

e1 Marine’s system will require very minimal retrofitting. The system is a practical and effective replacement for diesel generator sets, and can be used for propulsion on coastal and inland vessels of up to 10,000 dwt, which will be subject to the most stringent emissions requirements.

Stuart Crawford, Managing Director of e1 Marine, commented, “I’m excited to be joining e1 Marine at such a critical moment for the global marine industry, as it seeks innovative, scalable, and commercially viable solutions that can help to meet its decarbonisation goals. With one-third of the hydrogen this technology produces coming directly from water, e1 Marine is able to deliver readily available technology that reduces CO2 emissions by a minimum of 25% at a competitive price.”

Crawford continued, “The system has been deployed in power generation for more than 5,000 hours and has been used to fuel a truck for more than 5,000 km with no issues. It is now undergoing configuration for marine applications, both for the auxiliary power needs of larger vessels and for main propulsion on coastal and inland shipping, and it is going through class approval. We expect it to be available from Q4 2021.”

Mark Cameron, COO of Ardmore Shipping, commented, “This joint venture is hugely exciting for Ardmore, and part of our strategy to transport more sustainable cargoes and transition to greener energy. We believe that there’s a market for more than 200,000 of e1 Marine’s systems each producing 500kW and with his deep industry experience and technical knowledge, we’re delighted that Stuart will be leading e1 Marine and helping to turn this bold vision into a market-making reality.”

Dr. Dave Edlund, Co-Founder and CEO of Element 1, commented, “Fuel cells are more than twice as efficient as internal combustion engines and e1’s methanol-to-hydrogen system offers a broad solution powered by proven technologies to this challenge. Moreover, since methanol can be created from almost any carbon-containing feedstock, it has the potential to soon be truly zero emission – and therefore meet all the maritime emissions regulations that are in force or under serious consideration.”

Bick Brooks, Co-Founder and CEO of Maritime Partners, commented, “e1 Marine’s system has a bright future ahead. From a fuel perspective it can already be competitive with diesel engines and will eliminate NOx and SOx, and reduce CO2 by up to 35% when compared with traditional bunkers. This technology delivers a clear path to a future where ships have a zero-carbon footprint.”

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