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M-Series Hydrogen Generator

Mobile (onboard), on-demand hydrogen generators


e1’s M-Series hydrogen generator takes our advanced fuel reforming and hydrogen purification technologies directly onboard fuel cell buses, heavy-duty logistic vehicles, and marine applications.  The compact M-Series was designed to displace stored compressed hydrogen to support fuel cell propulsion applications.

S-Series Hydrogen Generator

Small-Scale, On-Demand, Hydrogen Generator


e1’s S-Series hydrogen generator uses our advanced catalytic reforming and hydrogen purification technologies to convert a mixture of methanol and DI water into high purity hydrogen, on-site and on-demand to economically meet the needs of 1 kW to 10 kW fuel cell power solutions.  The S-Series was designed to displace expensive cylinders of compressed hydrogen for critical power applications where long runtimes are required.

Containerized Hydrogen Generator

Generate power on demand – when you need it, where you need it!


M2PWR-FC Energy Units provide scalable modular energy solutions. Supporting 100kW to multi-MW power loads. The standard ISO units provide a clean, cost-effective energy source with low to net zero CO2 emissions. Renewable methanol produces zero NOx, SOx, and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions with low noise and vibration profiles.

Marine Hydrogen Generators

Our range of hydrogen on-demand generators provides numerous options and maximum flexibility to meet your needs.



The output hydrogen from e1 Marine generators has been processed through our proprietary purification technology to produce fuel cell grade hydrogen at greater than 99.97% purity.


This makes our hydrogen compatible with all marine PEM fuel cells. We work with a range of the world’s top fuel cell producers – and our output hydrogen is of such high purity that we can work with virtually any partner you select.


Low cost, high flexibility.

Fuel Cell Compatibility

Hydrogen power for the marine sector: onsite, onboard and on-demand.

For a more in-depth discussion around your operation and business objectives, contact us today.

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