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Navigating Toward a Greener Future: Maritime Partners' Hydrogen-Powered Vessel Takes Shape

In a significant stride towards a more sustainable maritime industry, Maritime Partners, LLC, has secured a Design Basis Agreement (DBA) from the U.S. Coast Guard for the revolutionary M/V Hydrogen One towboat. This groundbreaking agreement paves the way for the integration of innovative e1 Marine hydrogen generator technology, marking a pivotal moment in marine vessel propulsion.

The M/V Hydrogen One represents a paradigm shift in vessel design, leveraging cutting-edge fuel cell technology to convert stored methanol into hydrogen, subsequently powering the vessel's operations. The successful validation of this technology in a string test conducted in Gothenburg, Sweden, underscores its viability as a primary propulsion source, setting the stage for a greener future in maritime transportation.

Bick Brooks, co-founder and CEO of Maritime Partners, expressed enthusiasm about the agreement, emphasizing its significance in advancing cleaner energy solutions within the industry. "The signing of this agreement opens the pathway for us to deploy our technological capabilities," Brooks remarked. "Hydrogen One is one step closer to becoming the world's first vessel to utilize hydrogen generator technology, significantly reducing emissions and setting a new standard for efficiency."

Central to the development of the M/V Hydrogen One project is a collaborative effort involving key industry players such as Elliott Bay Design Group, Intracoastal Iron Works, e1 Marine, RIX Industries, and Power Cell Group. By working in tandem with these partners, Maritime Partners navigated through the rigorous requirements set by the U.S. Coast Guard, ensuring compliance and safety standards are met.

Signing of DBA
The Signing of the Design Basis Agreement

Dave Lee, Maritime Partners' VP of Technology & Innovation, underscored the company's steadfast commitment to sustainable energy solutions. "As the entire maritime industry seeks alternative fuel options that are cleaner, greener, and more efficient, Maritime Partners remains dedicated to driving innovation," Lee affirmed. "The development of Hydrogen One epitomizes our commitment to pioneering cleaner energy solutions."

The DBA signifies a significant milestone in the M/V Hydrogen One project, providing a structured framework for collaboration between Maritime Partners and the U.S. Coast Guard. Through this agreement, both parties will collaborate on the design, arrangement, and engineering aspects of the vessel's power system and associated safety systems, facilitating plan review, inspection, and eventual certification.

As Maritime Partners charts the course towards a more sustainable maritime future, the M/V Hydrogen One stands as a beacon of progress, heralding a new era of cleaner, greener marine transportation. With innovative technologies at the helm and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, the journey towards a carbon-neutral maritime industry is well underway. See the full Press Release at


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