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e1 Marine M-series hydrogen generator awarded Concept Verified Statement of Maturity by ABS

e1 Marine, a global renewable energy company, today announced that its M-series methanol-to-hydrogen generator has been awarded a Concept Verified Statement of Maturity by ABS, a key step on the path to commercial application.

As part of ABS' New Technology Qualification (NTQ) process, ABS engineers reviewed e1 Marine’s technology and verified its potential application as a hydrogen generator for onboard production of fuel cell-grade hydrogen for essential services. The NTQ offers guidance on the early adoption and efficient implementation of new technologies – demonstrating their level of maturity – and that potential design risks have been systematically reviewed.

The verification gives end-users clear confirmation that this new technology performs its intended functions in accordance with defined performance requirements. As the marine and offshore industries continually invest in new technologies to streamline operations, reduce emissions, and reduce costs, this approval from ABS will demonstrate the readiness, maturity, and safety of these new technologies.

Robert Schluter, Managing Director at e1 Marine, commented: "Shipping faces a race against time to decarbonize and close collaboration between companies and certification bodies is vital for accelerating the widespread commercial integration of trusted new solutions. With ISO standards already in place for the use of methanol in the maritime sector, our work with ABS ensures that we can demonstrate the robustness of our safety credentials to provide essential reassurance for customers. This latest certification brings us one step closer to taking our M-series methanol to hydrogen generator to market and playing our part in enabling a cleaner future for the marine industry."

Roy Bleiberg, Vice President, N. America Business Development at ABS, added: "We are in a new era of technology innovation, and at ABS, we are committed to supporting the development of new technologies, particularly those related to the energy transition. Our approach to new technology qualification allows for systematic and consistent evaluation of complex systems through confirmation of operational integrity, mitigating risks to its intended application. The approach is a multi-stage process that aligns with standard product development phases for new technology. We are proud to collaborate with e1 Marine on such an innovative project."

The e1 Marine M-series methanol-to-hydrogen generator is used in conjunction with Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology to deliver a proven efficiency gain over legacy internal combustion engines with a more reliable, safer, and greener fuel than legacy marine bunkers. The generator can be delivered on-site, onboard, and on-demand, and it provides an immediately viable pathway to green energy. The project is developed in collaboration between Element 1 Corp., the leading methanol-to-hydrogen technology company; Ardmore Shipping Corporation, an independent owner and operator of mid-size product and chemical tanker vessels; and Maritime Partners, a tailored leasing solution provider to the maritime industry.


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