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e1 Marine, PowerCell and Maritime Partners test first methanol-to-fuel cell power chain

e1 Marine is proud to share that in collaboration with PowerCell Group and Maritime Partners, LLC, we have achieved a major breakthrough by demonstrating the world's first methanol-to-fuel cell power chain.

This successful test illustrates the success of our PEM methanol into hydrogen technology to generate clean and efficient power. The string test simulation was applied to the pioneering tug-boat, the MV Hydrogen One. However, the system is also designed for use more broadly, including push-boats, and superyachts, offering immense potential.

The result of the test proves the viability of a our technology that takes methanol fuel and converts it to hydrogen onboard ships before using the hydrogen in a fuel cell to generate power cleanly and efficiently.

Commenting on this latest milestone, Robert Schluter, Managing Director at e1 Marine, said: “This rigorous test has delivered exciting results thanks to a great deal of collaboration between equipment suppliers, and the results should be a cause for optimism across the industry. This test demonstrates that a methanol-to-hydrogen power chain is ready and waiting to deliver renewable power to a range of maritime applications.”

The successful test sets the stage for a greener maritime industry. Find out more in Offshore Energy here.


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