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e1 Marine showcases methanol to hydrogen generator at Electric & Hybrid Expo in Amsterdam

As the maritime industry’s 2022 calendar of events ramps up, e1 Marine was out in force at this year’s Electric and Hybrid Expo. Held in Amsterdam from 21st to 23rd June, the event brought together a breadth of representatives from ship owners to naval architects with a shared interest in understanding the latest, next generation electric and hybrid marine charging and propulsion technologies, components and solutions.

Maite Klarup, Global Commercial Director at e1 Marine, joined a line up of 40 international experts to present a session as part of the conference programme, titled “MV Hydrogen One: the world’s first ultra-low-emission methanol-fueled towboat”. Her presentation demonstrated the potential for e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen M2H2 technology and shared with the audience, the design and specifications of the world’s first methanol-hydrogen fuel cell towboat, MV Hydrogen One, which is to be launched in 2023.

Maite also discussed the applications of e1 Marine’s technology and how it will enable the maritime industry to transition from low carbon to carbon neutrality.

“To meet IMO’s carbon reduction target by 2050, hydrogen fuel cell technology is a solution that can bring significant carbon reduction while addressing the need for power, range and duration in the maritime sector. As commercial and regulatory pressures to decarbonize shipping intensify, alternative fuels are a critical part of the solution. While there is a basket of fuels being considered by operators, cost, availability and infrastructure are key factors that will determine which fuels are most sustainable – environmentally, operationally and financially.

“M/V Hydrogen One is the world's first methanol ­fueled towboat which will be IMO 2030 compliant and in operation in 2023. It is a milestone for the towboat industry, but also the shipping industry as a whole. Many low carbon fuels just aren’t easily accessible today, however methanol is available in 88 of the world's top 100 ports and the current infrastructure and availability enables a vessel to refuel safely almost anywhere without the need for costly diversions. Methanol, which is already an approved fuel type currently in use in the marine industry, has cost advantages that apply today, even in comparison with current diesel generators and before considering any new regulation or carbon tax.

“At e1 Marine, with methanol being a safe and cost-effective carrying medium for hydrogen, we see hydrogen as the solution to achieve the target of net-zero in the maritime sector. M/V Hydrogen One is the model for what short sea shipping could look like in the very near term.”

For more information on e1 Marine’s technology, please click here.


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