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Solving the sustainable shoreside power challenge

New environmental regulations are requiring ports to provide cleaner power solutions for their operations and for berthing vessels. In response, demand for shoreside power is rising, but many ports lack the electrical infrastructure to support traditional systems. Not only do ports often share a local grid with neighbouring communities, creating demand surges that cause inconsistent power supply, but this infrastructure can also be vulnerable to extreme weather events.

Unreliable ports are uncompetitive ones. It’s essential that port operators can find clean, renewable energy sources that meet both environmental and operational expectations. Achieving this requires developing agile power systems that are free from harmful emissions, and that can be adapted to meet a variety of differing vessel requirements whilst also being accessible across a range of in-port applications.

In this The Maritime Executive article, our Managing Director, Robert Schluter, explores the innovations that can be combined to create flexible, affordable sustainable energy solutions in ports and the barriers that need to be overcome to accelerate their uptake. Read his insights in full, here.


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