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Aramco Americas and Element 1 begin carbon capture and hydrogen project

e1 Marine's parent company Element 1 Corp and Aramco Americas have begun a joint research program to integrate Aramco’s carbon capture technology with e1’s methanol-to-hydrogen generator.

The collaborative effort will investigate the potential for low CO2 emissions in a wide array of mobility and stationary power fuel cell applications.

“Aramco is advancing the development of sustainable transportation solutions and our innovative work with mobile carbon capture technology aligns with e1’s approach to low carbon mobility,” said Esam Hamad, PhD, Aramco’s global project leader of mobile carbon capture.

Aramco’s technology enables carbon capture at a localised level effectively addressing complex challenges associated with small scale carbon capture. These features fit well with e1’s hydrogen generators, which produce high purity hydrogen for fuel cell applications that can be situated on vehicles, marine vessels, and aircraft.

“This joint effort represents a unique opportunity to provide a critical and widely needed hydrogen sourcing solution to fuel cell applications with an extremely attractive carbon footprint,” said e1 CEO and founder Dave Edlund, PhD.


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