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e1 Marine Acquisition Provides New Opportunities for Cleaner Fuel

Maritime Partners, LLC (“Maritime Partners”), a leading provider of maritime financing solutions primarily focused on Jones Act vessels, has completed the successful acquisition of e1 Marine LLC (“e1 Marine”), a pioneer in hydrogen generation technology for the marine sector. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in the quest for cleaner, more sustainable fuel sources within the maritime industry.

Revolutionizing Marine Fuel with Hydrogen Technology

e1 Marine, known for its advanced methanol-to-hydrogen generation products, offers an alternative, cleaner fuel source for marine vessels. This innovative technology, developed by Element 1 Corp., provides a sustainable solution by converting methanol into hydrogen, which can then be used to power fuel cells. The result is a significant reduction in emissions and an increase in fueling efficiency.

“This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Maritime Partners’ commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation,” said Bick Brooks, co-founder and CEO of Maritime Partners. “The integration of e1 Marine’s cutting-edge methanol-to-hydrogen technology with Maritime Partners’ extensive industry expertise promises to revolutionize marine power applications and pave the way for a greener future.”

Immediate Applications and Future Potential

The practical applications of e1 Marine's technology are already being realized. In May, Maritime Partners signed a Design Basis Agreement (“DBA”) with the U.S. Coast Guard for its M/V Hydrogen One towboat, a groundbreaking vessel that utilizes the new methanol-to-hydrogen technology. This innovative approach allows the towboat to convert stored methanol into hydrogen onboard, showcasing the potential for widespread adoption of this cleaner technology.

Dave Edlund, co-founder and CEO of Element 1 Corp., expressed his enthusiasm: “As the licensor of compact, scalable, and energy-efficient methanol-to-hydrogen technology to e1 Marine, Element 1 Corp looks forward to fully supporting Maritime Partners and e1 Marine in their effort to revolutionize marine propulsion. The commitment of Maritime Partners to environmental stewardship, combined with their capability to execute, are truly impressive and Element 1 is proud to be part of the team.”

A Commitment to Sustainable Maritime Solutions

Maritime Partners’ acquisition of e1 Marine aligns with the broader maritime industry’s goals to decarbonize and seek alternative, cleaner fuel options. By leveraging e1 Marine's technology, Maritime Partners aims to set a new standard for environmental stewardship in the sector.

“Maritime Partners is strongly committed to developing and utilizing sustainable, clean energy solutions, as the entire maritime industry continues to seek alternative fuel options that are cleaner, greener, and more efficient,” said Dave Lee, Maritime Partners’ VP of Technology & Innovation. “The acquisition of e1 Marine and the development of Hydrogen One are integral parts of that ongoing commitment.”

About Maritime Partners


Maritime Partners is a leading provider of maritime financing solutions, specializing in vessels that are used in the domestic Jones Act trade.  With a managed fleet of approximately 1,900 vessels in service, we offer tailored leasing services to operators across the full spectrum of credit quality. A privately held company founded in 2015, Maritime Partners provides the assets that transport the commodities that represent the primary building blocks of the domestic economy, including agricultural products, chemicals, aggregates, crude oil, and refined petroleum products. Our management team leverages more than 50 years of operational experience in chartering, asset management, shipbuilding, and financing across all marine asset classes. To learn more about Maritime Partners please visit


About e1 Marine


About e1 Marine: e1 Marine provides clean energy technologies, including advanced methanol to hydrogen generation products supporting the fuel cell industry. Our innovative approach to utilizing methanol-to-hydrogen technology has the potential to significantly reduce emissions in the marine sector, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly maritime environment.  Follow e1 Marine on LinkedIn and Twitter and visit for more information.


About Element 1 Corp

Element 1 Corp. (Bend, Oregon) is a leading developer of advanced hydrogen generation systems supporting the fuel cell industry. Element 1 has developed innovative products that are scalable, reliable, affordable, and provide flexibility allowing for easy integration into customer solutions. With expertise in small-scale reactor design and membrane-based hydrogen purifiers, Element 1 offers solutions for on-site hydrogen generation, grid-independent electrical power generation to support BEV charging and microgrid applications, and mobile (onboard) hydrogen generation (fuel cell electric vehicles). Novel technology is licensed by Element 1 to its partners, enabling the application of technologies across a wide range of products, markets, and applications. For further information please visit


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