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e1 Marine Appoints Managing Director

Robert Schluter

e1 Marine, the developers of unique methanol-to-hydrogen technology for the marine sector, has today announced that it has appointed a new Managing Director, Robert Schluter.

A former US Naval officer, and Co-Founder and President of Element 1, Robert’s experience combines a deep knowledge of methanol, hydrogen, and fuel cell technology. Robert’s insight and experience of both the inland waterways and international shipping markets marries fresh thinking on low carbon innovation with a deep knowledge of the issues and challenges in the markets e1 Marine operates within.

Robert’s appointment comes after Stuart Crawford, Managing Director, e1 Marine, had to stand down from his position due to personal reasons.

Robert Schluter commented: “I am excited and feel very privileged to take on this role. Whereas fuel cell technology has matured substantially over recent decades, the supply of hydrogen as feedstock to fuel cells has lagged considerably. Through the use of our methanol to hydrogen generation technology we can solve these challenges, and enable the marine world to cost competitively meet the IMO’s emissions mandates – even without a global carbon tax.

“Importantly, this is where our joint venture partners Ardmore, Maritime Partners and Element 1 provide unique access to existing markets in international shipping as well as ports and inland waterways.”

e1 Marine is committed to playing a pivotal role in shipping’s energy transition; taking an open, transparent, and consultative approach to working with partners in order to manage and accelerate change in the maritime industry.


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