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e1 Marine collaborates with PowerCell Sweden AB as the fuel cell provider for M/V Hydrogen One

e1 Marine is pleased to announce that PowerCell Sweden AB will be providing several PowerCellution Marine System 200 fuel cells to power M/V Hydrogen One, the world’s first methanol-fueled towboat. Hydrogen One was developed by Maritime Partners LLC, using our methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology. This marks a further step in establishing a commercially viable solution to transform short sea shipping with the ultimate goal of decarbonizing towboat operations and eventually, the wider shipping industry.

Within the Hydrogen One project, fuel cells running on hydrogen produced by on-board reforming of methanol will provide continuous power to the towboat over extended periods. The system will comprise of several PowerCellution Marine System 200 fuel cells with a total effect of multiple megawatts. The agreement also includes co-operation on delivering related services, including installation, class approval and commissioning support.

Robert Schluter, Managing Director of e1 Marine said: “Methanol is a common fuel within the marine industry and is available in 88 of the top 100 ports worldwide. As it has a high energy density, M/V Hydrogen One has an expected range of 550 miles. Formalizing our agreement with PowerCell accelerates the launch of this innovative and progressive towboat. It was really important for us to source a fuel cell system which lowers the environmental impact from energy generation and this is another significant step forward to transforming the way vessels power their operations, especially within short sea shipping at this stage.”

Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden commented: “The order is proof that we have developed a leading fuel cell technology which we have managed to industrialize for large and demanding applications. Successful industrialization of this technology will be decisive for future opportunities within the technology shift towards increased sustainability that is starting to take place and must take place.”

“Batteries are not suitable for a decarbonization of the towboat sector due to the restrictions they put on range, operation areas and uptime. Fuel cells running on reformed methanol is a commercially viable solution as it provides the boat with the same operating characteristics as a traditional propulsion system but in a much more sustainable way”, said Austin Sperry, President at Maritime Partners.

M/V Hydrogen One will be compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s IMO 2030 requirements. IMO 2030 targets a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent up to 2030. Other project participants include ABB, Elliot Bay Design Group and e1 Marine.

For more information on Hydrogen One, please click here.


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