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The Hydrogen Future Is Now

Methanol-to-Hydrogen Tech Enables Energy Transition

Hydrogen is the ideal future fuel for decarbonizing the maritime industry if we can solve the significant challenges related to its transportation, storage and cost. These challenges can be resolved by changing our mindset and considering methanol as a “hydrogen carrier” and using methanol-reforming technology to unlock the hydrogen within methanol.

For the marine operator, methanol and methanol-to-hydrogen generation provides a safe, reliable and cost-efficient solution.

As we have moved from rowing to sails to steam and to diesel, previous maritime energy revolutions have taken centuries and decades to take effect. We do not have that luxury for the next revolution—decarbonization—but, thankfully, we already have a path forward...

Our Managing Director, Robert Schluter explores how methanol-to-hydrogen tech enables the energy transition in his piece for Sea Technology.

Read the full article below:

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