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  • e1 Marine collaborates with PowerCell Sweden AB as the fuel cell provider for M/V Hydrogen One

    e1 Marine is pleased to announce that PowerCell Sweden AB will be providing several PowerCellution Marine System 200 fuel cells to power M/V Hydrogen One, the world’s first methanol-fueled towboat. Hydrogen One was developed by Maritime Partners LLC, using our methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology. This marks a further step in establishing a commercially viable solution to transform short sea shipping with the ultimate goal of decarbonizing towboat operations and eventually, the wider shipping industry. Within the Hydrogen One project, fuel cells running on hydrogen produced by on-board reforming of methanol will provide continuous power to the towboat over extended periods. The system will comprise of several PowerCellution Marine System 200 fuel cells with a total effect of multiple megawatts. The agreement also includes co-operation on delivering related services, including installation, class approval and commissioning support. Robert Schluter, Managing Director of e1 Marine said: “Methanol is a common fuel within the marine industry and is available in 88 of the top 100 ports worldwide. As it has a high energy density, M/V Hydrogen One has an expected range of 550 miles. Formalizing our agreement with PowerCell accelerates the launch of this innovative and progressive towboat. It was really important for us to source a fuel cell system which lowers the environmental impact from energy generation and this is another significant step forward to transforming the way vessels power their operations, especially within short sea shipping at this stage.” Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden commented: “The order is proof that we have developed a leading fuel cell technology which we have managed to industrialize for large and demanding applications. Successful industrialization of this technology will be decisive for future opportunities within the technology shift towards increased sustainability that is starting to take place and must take place.” “Batteries are not suitable for a decarbonization of the towboat sector due to the restrictions they put on range, operation areas and uptime. Fuel cells running on reformed methanol is a commercially viable solution as it provides the boat with the same operating characteristics as a traditional propulsion system but in a much more sustainable way”, said Austin Sperry, President at Maritime Partners. M/V Hydrogen One will be compliant with the International Maritime Organization’s IMO 2030 requirements. IMO 2030 targets a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent up to 2030. Other project participants include ABB, Elliot Bay Design Group and e1 Marine. For more information on Hydrogen One, please click here.

  • e1 Marine showcases methanol to hydrogen generator at Electric & Hybrid Expo in Amsterdam

    As the maritime industry’s 2022 calendar of events ramps up, e1 Marine was out in force at this year’s Electric and Hybrid Expo. Held in Amsterdam from 21st to 23rd June, the event brought together a breadth of representatives from ship owners to naval architects with a shared interest in understanding the latest, next generation electric and hybrid marine charging and propulsion technologies, components and solutions. Maite Klarup, Global Commercial Director at e1 Marine, joined a line up of 40 international experts to present a session as part of the conference programme, titled “MV Hydrogen One: the world’s first ultra-low-emission methanol-fueled towboat”. Her presentation demonstrated the potential for e1 Marine’s methanol-to-hydrogen M2H2 technology and shared with the audience, the design and specifications of the world’s first methanol-hydrogen fuel cell towboat, MV Hydrogen One, which is to be launched in 2023. Maite also discussed the applications of e1 Marine’s technology and how it will enable the maritime industry to transition from low carbon to carbon neutrality. “To meet IMO’s carbon reduction target by 2050, hydrogen fuel cell technology is a solution that can bring significant carbon reduction while addressing the need for power, range and duration in the maritime sector. As commercial and regulatory pressures to decarbonize shipping intensify, alternative fuels are a critical part of the solution. While there is a basket of fuels being considered by operators, cost, availability and infrastructure are key factors that will determine which fuels are most sustainable – environmentally, operationally and financially. “M/V Hydrogen One is the world's first methanol ­fueled towboat which will be IMO 2030 compliant and in operation in 2023. It is a milestone for the towboat industry, but also the shipping industry as a whole. Many low carbon fuels just aren’t easily accessible today, however methanol is available in 88 of the world's top 100 ports and the current infrastructure and availability enables a vessel to refuel safely almost anywhere without the need for costly diversions. Methanol, which is already an approved fuel type currently in use in the marine industry, has cost advantages that apply today, even in comparison with current diesel generators and before considering any new regulation or carbon tax. “At e1 Marine, with methanol being a safe and cost-effective carrying medium for hydrogen, we see hydrogen as the solution to achieve the target of net-zero in the maritime sector. M/V Hydrogen One is the model for what short sea shipping could look like in the very near term.” For more information on e1 Marine’s technology, please click here.

  • Hydrogen One: A Maritime Milestone?

    Hydrogen One is on track to be the world’s first methanol-run hydrogen fuel cell working towboat. The world’s first methanol-fueled hydrogen towboat M/V Hydrogen One is on schedule for its 2023 splash. A non-disclosed builder has been chosen and initial steel cutting was on schedule for summer 2022. The prototype vessel features a shallow draft design suited for extended trips along its planned base of operations—the ditch between Houston and New Orleans with inland water capabilities. “The idea is to build it (Hydrogen One), get it fully operational, and put it through its paces before it goes to a customer to prove the technology, to demonstrate to the industry how it works, that it’s robust, safe, and functional,” said Mike Complita, Vice President of Strategic Expansion of Seattle-based Elliott Bay Design Group. The firm’s role was to produce a Hydrogen One design that brought together all the components, namely the needs of commissioning party Maritime Partners, the hydrogen reformer technology from e1 Marine, and the expertise of engineer ABB in integrating the logic to bring it together. According to them, Hydrogen One will be IMO 2030 compliant and meet all requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Subchapter M regulations. “There is a segment in the market that includes smaller boats that can’t plug in every day,” explained Complita. These vessels don’t return to the same dock regularly or are off the grid for a week or more. “Nobody is investing in that part of the market right now,” said Complita of alternative fuels. Enter Hydrogen One. How Methanol Fueled Hydrogen Works Central to Hydrogen One are the e1 Marine reformers that convert the methanol and deionized water fuel mixture into pure hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen fuel is then used by fuel cells to produce electricity to power the electric engines. Electricity also can be stored in the onboard battery bank to power the hotel suite and serve as a limited backup propulsion energy source. Hydrogen One should be able to run exclusively on its battery bank for around half an hour in a pinch. “The promise of the hydrogen fuel cells is that it produces three products,” explained Robert Schluter, Managing Director of Bend, Oregon-based e1 Marine. The three products are power, heat and water. The power is used in the form of electricity for Hydrogen One’s electric propulsion system. The heat also can be used aboard, and according to Schluter, about as much heat is produced as power. “If you got a 100-kilowatt fuel cell, you’ll have approximately a 100-kilowatt heater,” said Schluter. The third product, water, is emissions in the form of steam, an environmentally friendly non-pollutant. Some carbon monoxide is also produced as emissions, albeit at lower levels than fossil-fuel internal combustion engines. Other pollutants like nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides and particulates are completely absent, another environmental bonus. Hydrogen One will not carry pure hydrogen fuel in tanks, rather methanol that is mixed with deionized water and handled much like other hydrocarbon fuels. A primary advantage of hauling methanol fuel versus pure hydrogen is that it is a stable compound, where pure hydrogen is highly volatile. Methanol is already utilized in current infrastructure and evaporates when spilled. “The engine room (of Hydrogen One) will look radically different,” than its internal combustion peers, Complita said. “In a traditional boat, the engines are down in the hull with the shafts and propellers. In this case, most of the hull is reserved for fuel capacity; methanol and deionized fresh water with space to blend the fuel, fans emergency pumps, etc.” All the propulsion equipment except thrusters or propellers are above on the main deck and includes the switch gear—the brains of the system—and the battery bank that controls all the communications and act as a power reserve. “There will be a second deck level of machinery above the main deck,” Complita said. “That’s where the reformers and hydrogen fuel cells live.” The multi-level system follows the logic that everything that manages the methanol is in the hull. According to Complita, if the methanol does leak, it spills low and evaporates quickly. “We want to keep it low and it’s good for the weight to keep it low. The only thing the methanol does there is go through a pipe to the reformers at the top of the boat.” The components that handle hydrogen fuel directly and produce power, heat, and water emissions are on the top level for both practicality and safety. Hydrogen and emissions evaporate upward into the atmosphere from the top position. The electric power-related systems are split between the upper and lower level as well as the switch gear on the main deck. At a glance, Hydrogen One’s exterior will look similar to a conventional towboat except for the second machinery level on the back that is normally open deck space. Benefits and Considerations Despite being new technology, one of the greatest potential benefits of the Hydrogen One system could be reliability and simplicity. “Historically, fuel cells are deployed for critical power applications when it absolutely has to work,” said Schluter, who cited high-security government communications buildings. Fuel cells have no moving parts, faster up times, and few points of failure when compared to diesel gensets on land. “We’re talking about literally five or six parts: four blowers, two fuel pumps and a couple of actuators. It’s not like an internal combustion engine with thousands of moving parts.” Naturally the main thrust of the maritime space’s interest in hydrogen-powered vessels is related to climate change regulation, carbon emissions and looming IMO 2030 and 2050 goals. Hydrogen power represents a lower—or even negative—carbon footprint potential. “We do produce CO2, but because it’s reusing methanol, it’s a reduction of 20% to 25% compared to internal combustion engines,” Schluter said. “And if you use renewable methanol, then you can get near zero. If you do carbon capture on top of that, now you’re talking about negative emissions. We can move more carbon out of the system than we produce.” Methanol is a hydrocarbon-based fuel, and how one sources the methane—the building block of methanol—is what ultimately determines Hydrogen One’s overall Carbon Intensity Score (CIS). Currently most available methane is derived from fossil fuel sources to make gray methanol. “Our CIS is like 91. But only around 20 of that is my process and the rest is where the methanol comes from,” explained Schluter. Sourcing methane from a non-fossil source, such as via agriculture or sewage treatment, brings the score down. The remaining carbon could potentially be scrubbed via promising new technologies. “If you can do carbon capture in combination with e-methanol, that’s how you can get negative (CIS) numbers,” he said. A consideration for Hydrogen One’s systems is efficiency and range. Tanks of methanol fuel can outrange current battery bank technologies making Hydrogen One more peer competitive for certain maritime niches. But notably it takes approximately two gallons of methanol to yield the same power as one gallon of diesel. While this does translate to larger fuel tanks and loss of efficiency, Schluter reported that the natural efficiency of fuel cells claws back some of the efficiency penalties. “An internal combustion engine runs in the high thirties (percent) of efficiency,” Schluter said. “A typical fuel cells runs 50% or 60% efficiency, and my technology runs in the low eighties. I get an almost 20% efficiency boost.” Cost remains a major consideration for hydrogen technology. “If we didn’t have the regulations and the world pivoting to a clean energy future, everybody would stay with diesel because it’s much more cost effective,” Schluter said. “Essentially, we’re doing something that’s going to be at least twice as expensive from a power-train perspective and some applications could be three times.” “Diesel has been around for 100 years, give or take,” Complita said. “The infrastructure is built around it, everyone around it understands it, everyone who writes the rules knows it. This (Hydrogen One) technology, like pure hydrogen or (liquefied natural gas) or battery, have their applications that they are well suited to. But they are not a single-source solution to all things like diesel.” “There’s nothing intrinsically expensive about these technologies that we’re doing now that won’t be solved with volume,” Schluter said. This article from Norris Comer, was originally featured in Pacific Maritime Magazine, you can read the full piece online here.

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  • Careers | Marine Hydrogen Generators | e1 Marine

    Careers Be part of something big. Our core principles of teamwork, accountability, customer orientation, health and safety, and continuous advances in hydrogen technology have built a collaborative and exciting corporate culture. LEARN MORE Our team is committed to creating an environment where employees can grow and keep pace with our rapidly evolving industry. We are an equal opportunity employer and believe that we will be better able to meet the needs of our diverse customer base through a diverse group of employees. e1 Marine is constantly looking for highly motivated and talented individuals who want to shift the world to a cleaner and brighter future. If you feel that any of the below positions describe your skills and experience, please e-mail your resume and cover letter to the contact information listed in the position details. e1 Marine Available Job Positions Executive Administrator Executive Administrator Date listed: June 28, 2022 ​ Location: Bend, Oregon ​ ​ Opportunity Overview e1 Marine is a clean energy technology company based in Bend, focused on commercializing methanol to hydrogen power solutions for the marine industry globally. Bring your attitude, integrity, motivation, capacity, knowledge, and experience to e1 Marine, and make a difference in the world, and a career for yourself. "Why” e1 Marine Have what you do every day matter. Join a team focused on bringing our clean energy technology to the marine industry, helping decarbonize transportation for a better world. Grow your worldview. Live and play locally in Bend but have the opportunity to think and work globally. Support an executive team, technology partners, and customers based in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Opportunities for periodic travel internationally. Pick the correct lane for your profession. Build your career in the clean energy industry that should experience strong growth for the next 30 years. Have a job that is interesting and dynamic. This position has diverse corporate governance, marketing, sales, and operations responsibilities and you will work with a team of accomplished professionals. Be recognized and rewarded for your contributions. e1 Marine offers a highly competitive compensation package (salary, bonus, equity, and other benefits) with opportunities for growth and advancement. ​ Position Overview The Executive Administrator (EA) will report to the Managing Director and support the executive team and the Executive Board as needed. The EA is to be the "right hand" and "Chief of Staff" of the Managing Director and will become the "go-to" contact person for corporate partners when the executive team is traveling. The EA will initially wear many hats, including project management, marketing support, organizational support, corporate governance support, and team building. As the company grows, the hats will be fewer with more focus provided to the position. Duties and Responsibilities: Project Management: Organize and manage corporate projects and task timelines with various partners and stakeholders. Marketing Support: Facilitate the development of marketing collaterals, presentations, and website; organize international tradeshows. Executive Functions: Provide comprehensive support for executive-level staff, including scheduling meetings, coordinating travel, maintaining files, and preparing reports and presentations. Corporate Governance: Help prepare for quarterly Board meetings and corporate presentations, support CFO with annual financial audits. Team building: Coordinate and support the strategic hiring plan of up to six people in NA and Europe. ​ Qualifications Background demonstrates a positive attitude, integrity, motivation, and learning capacity. A track record showing successful completion of measurable tasks, responsibilities, and goals both individually, and with a team. Knowledge, and experience with MS Office software skills, particularly creating, editing, and formatting in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. The preferred candidate would also have experience in a CRM. Bachelor's Degree in relevant field (e.g., Business Administration, Marketing, Communications) or equivalent experience. Background with a technology-related company is a plus. Familiarity with international business is a plus. ​ Compensation Salary: TBD depending on relevant experience. Benefits: Bonus, stock options, LTD, insurance stipend. ​​ How to apply Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to: info@e1marine.com

  • About e1 Marine | Methanol to Hydrogen - Alternative Marine Fuel | e1marine

    e1 Marine Generating high purity, on-demand hydrogen for the maritime industry. e1 Marine’s PEM hydrogen generation technology generates hydrogen from methanol – on land, on board, and on-demand. This proven solution is robust and efficient, enabling you to reduce your vessel’s carbon emissions, while safely and economically repowering your fleet for greater range and operational flexibility. READ MORE Our patented methanol and water to hydrogen reformation technology enables: Onsite, onboard, and on-demand hydrogen generation at scalable volumes (ideal for maritime and broader off-grid applications) Lower CAPEX and OPEX costs Longer range, shorter refueling times Greatly reduced carbon footprint, and can enable net zero emissions No large batteries for electrical storage, no waste Sustainable and renewable fuel alternative LEARN MORE e1® Marine hydrogen – Reducing emissions e1® Marine’s fuel cell technology provides immediate solutions that dramatically cut a ship’s carbon intensity. It also future-proofs a vessel’s compliance with all current and proposed emissions regulation at sea and in port. Element 1 is our specialist technology partner whose hydrogen generators have been designed, developed and proven over three decades. Element 1 is headquartered in Bend, Oregon and is a leading developer of clean energy technologies for a range of industry sectors. VISIT WEBSITE Ardmore Shipping Corporation owns and operates a fleet of MR product and chemical tankers, ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 deadweight tonnes. Ardmore Shipping provides seaborne transportation of petroleum products and chemicals worldwide to oil majors, national oil companies, oil and chemical traders and chemical companies, with its modern, fuel-efficient fleet of mid-size tankers. Through its technical and commercial management partners and its own in-house expertise, Ardmore has the global network in place to support its seafarers and deliver shipping services safely, decisively and effectively to its customers. VISIT WEBSITE Founded in 2015, Maritime Partners is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a leading provider of flexible financing solutions and new-build contract support for the maritime industry. Servicing the Jones Act trade and beyond, it offers operators access to its fleet of more than 1,600 state-of-the-art vessels. VISIT WEBSITE e1® Marine Partners e1® Marine was formed as a Hydrogen technology partnership between three specialists and leaders in their fields: ELEMENT 1 Corporation (Oregon, USA), Ardmore Shipping Corporation (Cork, Ireland) and Maritime Partners LLC (Louisiana, USA) Hydrogen power for the marine sector: onsite, onboard and on-demand. Learn more about how hydrogen power can work for you. CONTACT US Austin Sperry Austin Sperry has more than 20 years’ experience in the maritime industry in prior roles, serving as Vice President, Analyst, Business Development Head of Commercial Activities and financial and investment manager focused on operational efficiency and growth. Austin was a member of the USA’s sailing team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. Co-Founder and COO of Maritime Partners; Advisor to e1 Marine Introducing Our Team The e1 Marine organization is managed by experienced leadership and supported by a team of advisors and strategic partners. Management Robert Schluter Responsible for the overall activities of e1 Marine. Robert has more than 20 years of business operations and business development experience involving advanced technology. Previous experience includes Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Element 1 Corp; Founder and CEO of Pangaea Technology Resources; U.S. Naval Engineering Officer onboard the USS Mahan DDG42, and Admirals Aide at Charleston Naval Base. ​ Robert Schluter holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, USA. Managing Director Maite Bolivar Klarup Responsible for managing global sales and service activities of e1 Marine. An experienced commercial management executive in the maritime industry, Maite specializes in international standards in the shipping industry's regulatory compliance and environmental framework. With over 20 years of experience across shipping markets in North and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, she is a former board member of WISTA Singapore, The Mission to Seafarers Singapore, and was part of The Technical Committee for Bunkering on the Singapore Standards. Maite Bolivar Klarup has an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Global Commercial Sales Director Advisors Mark Cameron Mark Cameron has a lifetime career in the maritime industry, with a solid track record of experience and performance in all aspects of marine operations. As well as his position as COO for Ardmore Shipping, he was Vice President, Strategy and Planning for Teekay Marine Services and was a member of the Carbon War Room’s Shipping Efficiency Operation Advisory Board (Rocky Mountain Institute) 2015 – 2018, Steering Committee member on the Danish Maritime Centre industry collaboration ‘D‘DecarbonICE’ Project, Director of West of England P&I and former Chairman of International Parcel Tankers Association (IPTA). He is also a Council Member of ABS and sits on the Lloyds Register Marine Advisory Committee. COO at Ardmore Shipping Corporation; Advisor to e1 Marine Garry Noonan As well as his role as Director of Innovation at Ardmore Shipping, Garry Noonan is the Ardmore representative on the Getting to Zero Coalition – Future Fuels group contributing member. Garry is a marine engineering professional with a passion for new and innovative technologies, and spent 15 years at sea on VLCCs, product tankers, LPG and LNG vessels. A hands-on leader and teacher with a deep understanding of mechanical efficiencies and improvement opportunities, Garry has proven a track record of safety compliance and operational risk management. Director of Innovation at Ardmore Shipping Corporation; Advisor to e1 Marine David Lim Responsible for managing sales and service activities in Asia and Europe for e1 Marine. David has more than 20 years of experience in hydrogen generator design and development, testing, market requirements assessments; fuel cell stack and system design and testing; R&D management; business development; marketing and sales. Previous experience includes Director at Kaori Heat Treatment Co, Deputy Director and Business Manager at Chung-Hsin Electrical & Machinery Mfg. Corp. (CHEM), and an Engineer at Nu Element Inc. Former CTO and co-founder of Pfemtoquest LLC. David Lim has a Ph.D., in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Master of Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, Berkeley, CA, USA. Business Development Manager Asia & Europe Mike Webber Mike co-founded Armistead Street Partners in 2019 and has spent the past 15 years working in Energy, Renewables, Shipping, and Transportation finance at Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, and Legg Mason. Mike also co-founded Webber Research, of which he’s Managing Partner. Mike has been named to Institutional Investor’s (I.I.) All-America Research Team for the past six years, finishing as the #1 ranked Shipping & LNG analyst in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, & 2015, and part of the #1 ranked Natural Gas team in 2019. In 2020, Webber Research & Advisory became the only new platform to receive I.I. recognition (across any sector), finishing as Runner-Up. Michael has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Managing Partner Armistead Street Capital Partners; Advisor to e1 Marine About us Game-changing technology solutions for the clean energy marine sector. ​ e1 Marine is wholly and equally owned by the triumvirate of Element 1 Corp, the leading developer of advanced methanol-to-hydrogen technologies; Ardmore Shipping Corporation, an independent owner and operator of ocean-going chemical tanker vessels; and Maritime Partners LLC, an owner and leasing solution provider to the inland waterway marine sector. e1 Marine brings together the expertise of Element 1 in designing advanced methanol to hydrogen generation systems designs with the specialist knowledge of the marine sector brought by Ardmore Shipping and Maritime Partners.

  • Privacy Policy | Marine Hydrogen Generators | e1 Marine

    e1 Marine respects your right to privacy. This policy will outline how your personal information is collected and used and details our anti-spam commitments. By providing us with your personal information and “opting-in” to receive information from e1 Marine, you consent to the policy and use of information outlined herein. Privacy Policy Personal information is any information that you provide to us that identifies you or would enable someone to contact you. This includes but is not limited to: ​ Your name Your physical address Company name Email address Phone number ​ This privacy and anti-spam policy applies to our website www.e1marine.com and on any social media platform where e1 Marine has a presence including, but not limited to: ​ Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram 1. Personal Information We collect information that you provide to us through our websites, including but not limited to: ​ a) personal information described in section 1 of this policy, and ​ b) activity on our website when visiting. When you visit the e1 Marine website, some information may be collected automatically by the software that operates our website (i.e. the site from which you linked, your Internet Service Provider, the time and date of your visit). This information is used by our technical engineers to compile aggregate statistics about the total number of daily visitors to our site, the pages most frequently visited, and how long people stay at each page. None of the information that we report allows for the personal identification of individuals. 2. How We Collect Your Information Where we have an existing relationship with you or you have otherwise consented to do so, we may use your personal information to contact you by phone, electronic messages including but not limited to email, and social media messages to: ​ Provide you with information you have requested from us To share industry news and information with you To gather information from you to improve our services To communicate with you in general 3. How We Use Your Information When you visit and interact with our websites and applications, we may collect other information that does not inherently reveal your specific identity, in order to learn how to best tailor our websites for our visitors. Examples of what other information we may collect and how we and third-party service providers may collect this information include: ​ Cookies – A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit certain websites. It is stored in your browser while the website is being viewed. For more information on cookies, e1 Marine invites you to visit the following link: allaboutcookies.org. Cookies allow us to collect information such as browser type, time spent on the online services, pages visited, referring URL, and other aggregated website traffic data. We and our service providers use the information for security purposes, to facilitate navigation, to display information more effectively, to collect statistical information, and to personalize your experience while online. ​ ​ If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to automatically decline cookies or be given the choice of declining or accepting the transfer to your computer of a particular cookie (or cookies) from a particular site. You can choose whether to accept cookies by changing the settings on your browser or, depending on your jurisdiction, by managing your tracking preferences as noted in a separately posted cookie statement or via a posted cookie manager. If, however, you do not accept cookies, you may experience some inconvenience in your use of the online services. For example, we may not be able to recognize your computer, and you may need to log in every time you visit. ​ Browser and Device Information – Certain information is collected by most browsers or automatically through your device, such as your computer type, operating system name and version, device manufacturer and model, Internet browser type and version and the name and version of the online services (such as the Apps) you are using. We use this information to ensure that the online services function properly. ​ ​ IP Address – Your IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to the computer that you are using by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). An IP address may be identified and logged automatically in our server log files whenever a user accesses the online services, along with the time of the visit and the page(s) that were visited. Collecting IP addresses is standard practice and is done automatically by many websites, applications and other services. We use IP addresses for purposes such as calculating usage levels, diagnosing server problems and administering our online services. We may also derive your approximate location from your IP address to understand from what regions of the world our website visitors come. 4. Information We Collect by Automated Means We will only ever send you permission-based email. ​ ​ You may choose to opt-out of our mailing list at any time. ​ ​ By checking the opt-in box when signing up for a service or emailing us you agree to be contacted by us for the purposes described in this policy above. ​ ​ All emails sent to you will include: The option to opt-in to receive communication for the purposes described in this policy; The option to unsubscribe from receiving future electronic communication from us; and a link to this privacy and anti-spam policy ​ ​ Electronic communications you receive from us will include the name and address of the sender as well as on whose behalf the email is being sent. ​ ​ Electronic communications you receive from us will include a descriptive subject line consistent with the reason you are being contacted. 5. Anti-Spam Policy At any point in time you may opt out from receiving future communications from us by sending an email to info@e1marine.com together with the e1 Marine email address or phone number from where you received the communication and specifying that you would like to unsubscribe from future communications. 6. Choice/Opt-Out We will never share, rent or sell your personal information to third parties except as may be permitted or required by law. 7. Sharing of Information We employ reasonable safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Despite the measures e1 Marine has implemented, data transmitted over the internet is not guaranteed to be secure. e1 Marine does not guarantee, warrant or represent that the personal information you provide will be transmitted securely, or protected completely against interception, loss, misuse or alteration. e1 Marine accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages that may result where personal information submitted by you, has not been securely transmitted, has been intercepted, lost, misused or altered. 8. Security and Privacy Some of the links on our website direct you to third party websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any third party websites. 9. Third-Party Links If you have a question, complaint or other inquiry concerning the use of your personal information or this policy please direct your inquiry to e1 Marine by sending an email to info@e1marine.com . This policy was last updated on March 2021. 10. Accountability

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